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Giveaway for a PF Chang’s Gift Card and my Gluten Free Dining Card

When PF Chang’s reached out to me offering a giveaway to my readers, I really couldn’t resist. 

Thank you PF Chang’s for providing the gift card for this giveaway.

I have to say that PF Chang’s is one of my family’s favorite places to eat.  As with many people who are gluten free, it was one of the first places we ate out gluten free and we have loved it ever since.



Of course, we love the food.  My favorite is the chicken lettuce wraps with gluten free soy sauce.   




I love that the gluten free section is printed right on the main menu so I don’t have to ask for a special menu. 




To further support the GF community, P.F. Chang’s just launched a new website for gluten free diners. Dedicated to providing gluten free options and resources, the site offers an inside look into how P.F. Chang’s gluten free dishes are prepared.


Some fellow gluten free bloggers have had trouble eating here, so I caution you to be extra vigilant.   As at any restaurant, you need to be clear and let them know your food intolerances.  We are always very specific in letting them know we have celiac disease and requesting that they write this on our order.    We also check once again that the food is gluten free when it is delivered to our table.


In fact, I am vigilant at every restaurant.  But we have been sickened too many times for me to take eating out lightly.  PRINT the following dining card.  Use this card whenever you eat out.  Don’t assume that because a restaurant has gluten free food, they will necessarily follow all of the precautions listed below.  I have been criticized for being too detailed but my passion for keeping my family safe is evident in the detail in this dining card. 


Gluten Free Dining Card


I have an illness called Celiac Disease and have to follow a strict Gluten Free Diet. I will become very ill if I eat even a crumb of gluten.


Gluten is found in many food items, but most commonly in flours and grains of wheat (durum, semolina, kamut, spelt), rye, barley and some oats.


Foods that may contain gluten include soy sauce, blue cheese, breading, imitation bacon, marinades, processed meats, soup bases, thickeners, broth, croutons, gravies, imitation seafood, pastas, stuffing etc.


Foods that are safe include unseasoned and unmarinated meats, fruit, veggies, eggs, cheese, milk, rice, corn, soy, potato, bean, sorghum, quinoa, millet, buckwheat, arrowroot, amaranth, teff and nut flours


In addition to being aware of the above ingredients, please take care to make sure my food is not contaminated by other food containing gluten by doing the following:


  • Prepare my food in a clean area on a clean surface.
  • Wash your hands and wear clean gloves while preparing my food.
  • Use only clean utensils including strainers, tongs, knives, and spoons.
  • Use only clean water and oil in clean dishes when preparing my food – do not use water that has cooked wheat pasta and do not use oil that has had wheat food fried in it such as breaded chicken fingers.
  • Do not cut my food on a cutting board that has had bread on it.
  • Do not wash my fruit or drain my pasta in a strainer that has been used to drain pasta.
  • If grilling food, thoroughly clean the grill with a metal brush before placing my food on the grill.  Marinades often contain gluten.
  • If you accidentally add croutons to my salad, please do not just remove them from the salad.  I can still get sick from the contamination of the salad by the croutons.  Please prepare me a new salad.
  • Only use new clean tubs of condiments such as butter, mayo, mustard and ice cream.  Previously used tubs may have been contaminated by a utensil that had gluten on it – such as a butter knife or ice cream scooper that was used for a flavor containing a gluten ingredient.
  • Do not season my food unless we have discussed the seasonings – use only salt and pepper and no garnish on my plate unless it is fresh and has no sauce.


Thank you for taking the time to make sure my meal is safe! 


Your chance to win a PF Chang’s Gift Card


Thank you PF Chang’s for providing a $25 gift card for this giveaway.


For the Giveaway, PF Chang's is providing a $25 gift card to one winner.

This giveaway is open to:

  • Residents in the contiguous United States, 18 years or older. The contest is voided in ALASKA, FLORIDA, HAWAII, NEW YORK, PUERTO RICO.
  •  One winner.  Winner must reply within 24 hours or new winner will be selected.
  • Enter below.


Giveaway Starts at 12:00 AM PCT on 03/24/2015 and ends at 12:00 AM PCT on 04/01/2015.



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Posted by traci on
Never tried pf changs
Posted by Elena on
My favorite is Pf Chang's
Posted by HS on
I like Applebee’s Gluten Free menu.
Posted by Melissa on
bj's brewhouse
Posted by Linda F. on
Outback Steakhouse
Posted by Bruce Danziger on
PF Changs, great GF menu. Love the food.
Posted by Cinde on
My favorite gf restaurant is Hugo's in Redmond Washington.
Posted by Elle P. on
I like the gluten free menu options at Applebee's.
Posted by Holly Beach on
I find that local, farm to table type restaurants are great for gluten free dining, but it's awesome that chains like PF Changs are becoming more aware of the demand!
Posted by Hillary on
Love the lettuce wraps
Posted by Michelle P on
Red Robin, Ruby Tuesday's, & P.F. Chang's of course!!
Posted by Jessica mcfarlin on
My favorite has to be wildfire!
Posted by Jessica on
I love Mexican restaurants - so many GF options!
Posted by Holly E on
I love eating at Applebee's.
Posted by steven weber on
TGI Friday's has a nice gluten free section.
Posted by GB on
I like to eat out at Applebee's. They have a pretty good GF menu.
Posted by Evie B. on
I like eating gluten free at TGI Fridays.
Posted by Bridgett Wilbur on
Red robin is where we love to eat
Posted by Stacy Lane on
Chang's Spicy Chicken is my all time favorite meal to eat out!
Posted by Natalie on
I love the gluten free options at red robin.
Posted by Jennifer H. on
I love PF Chang's for gluten free!
Posted by Carolsue on
Piatti's is my favorite place to eat gluten-free. I have eaten at several other locations when we travel, and we eat at our local Piatti's at least once a month!
Posted by Erin Ellis on
Texas Roadhouse and PF Chang's are my favorites.
Posted by ellen casper on
I like PF Chang's for gluten free!
Posted by Janice Peters on
Ann Arbor PFChangs just opened and can't wait to try it now that I know about GF menu!! Thanks!
Posted by Dawn Monroe on
Ive tried Applebees gluten Free and it was great.
Posted by Paulaf on
Love GF food at PF Changs!
Posted by Amanda Sakovitz on
I like the gluten free options at applebees
Posted by Stephanie on
Hands down one of my favorite (and safest) places to eat. We have to drive 60 miles to the closest one but so worth it!!
Posted by Dee Fedor on
I have eaten at Chipotle. Not recently. hard to eat out when you have no income!
Posted by sandra on
Souper Salad
Posted by Thomas Murphy on
I like to eat at Pf Chang's!
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