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Exchange Student Looking for Gluten Free Host Family

A couple of years ago, I had great success finding a host family for an exchange student with celiac disease.  I am hoping to repeat this success.   

The following is an email from a Swiss family looking for an American host family for their daughter who has celiac. 




We are searching for a host family for our daughter who has celiac disease.


We are a Swiss family of 4. We speak Swiss/German. Currently we have an exchange student living with us for 6 months from Costa Rica.  This exchange has been arranged through the AFS program.


Our daughter, Enya was diagnostic with celiac disease 1 year ago, but the thing is she would like to do an exchange in America for one year with AFS, to improve her English and also to learn about a different culture.   This exchange year would be from August 2017 to June 2018.  Enya will be 15 and a half years old at that time, so she would attend high school. For children with celiac disease it can be very difficult to find a host family so we decided to start looking for a host family ourselves.  This is why we are contacting you for help to find a family for our daughter. 


Thank you very much for your help!



If you are interested or know someone who might be able to help, please email me and I will pass along the message.



Posted by Sara Cumbee on
Interested to know if student speaks low German, the dialect used in southern Germany. Just curious. My husband and I are both GF and I have Celiac so was intrigued cause I know how very difficult it is for people to understand needs. We are both retired, have a Maltese dog. No piano. We hosted a German AFS student about 18 years ago and it was a wonderful experience.
Posted by Robin on
Our American Celiac daughter is hoping to do an exchange in Fall 2016 in a Spanish-speaking country (Chile is first preference), but is also concerned about finding a GF environment. Who has a successful approach to finding a location?
Thank you.
Posted by Pat Young on
Hi, has Enya's family found a gluten-free family to serve as a host? We are not completely gluten-free, but could and should be? For Enya's family, if you have not found a host family as of yet, where in the US would you like for Enya to be?
Posted by Michelle Howard on
I am also interested to know if you have found a GF host family. We live in Florida and have a non-Celiac nineteen year old who is away at college and a 7 year old daughter who has Celiac Disease.
Posted by Christine on
Did you find a host family yet?
Posted by Alexandra Kellermann on
We had contact with a family in Boston but now we are waiting since long of a response. we are still looking for a family that would offer our daughter during a year their hospitality. The organization is AFS. http://www.afsusa.org. Our older daughter comes back next month from the exchange year in Salem Oregon and desires that Enya can also do this. Who can help us?
Posted by Alexandra Kellermann on
The location is not the first priority, The most important is a good family and a good school for her.
Posted by EdwinMat on
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Posted by VIVES nathalie on
We are searching for a host family for our daughter who has celiac disease.
We are a French family of 3. We live in the South West of France near Bordeaux (Arcachon) on the Atlantic coast.
Our daughter,Eva , is celiac
She would like to do an exchange in England next year, to improve her English and also to learn about a different culture. 
Eva will be 17 and a half at that time on summer 2018, 
I know it's a little early but i prefer to start looking for a family for her as soon as possible because it's not easy to find celiac exchange
If your daughter is about this age , wants to learn french and is celiac too please do not hesitate to contact us
Nathalie ans Eva
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