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Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites

January 30, 2016

I grew up watching the Dallas Cowboys and then married a Kansas City Chief’s fan (they can get a little crazy), so Sunday football games have been a pretty standard part of my life. 


When we moved to Seattle we bought Seahawks season tickets but I have only been to a few games. We only have two tickets, so it is usually my husband and one of the kids who go to the games.  In the past, I have been known to read a book through a Seahawks game on Sunday afternoon . . ..

 They are so good and, as most of my recipes are, pretty easy to make. 


Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites


Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites

YIELDS 30 pieces

TIME: 45 minutes

  • 2 chicken breasts cut into bite sizes (you will get close to 30 pieces)
  • 1 package GF bacon
  • toothpicks
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 2 Tablespoons chili powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt

1.  Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F.

2.  Mix together the brown sugar, chili powder and salt. 

3.  Slice bacon into thirds.  Wrap cut up chicken pieces in a third of a slice of bacon and secure with toothpick.


Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites

  Roll in sugar mixture.

4.  Place on a rimmed baking tray (the bacon grease will spill over a non-rimmed sheet) that is lined with parchment paper.

5.  Bake at 375 degrees F for 15-20 minutes.  For crispier bacon, set under the broiler for a few minutes at the end.  Keep an eye on it as the bacon will brown quickly under the broiler.




Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites


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The following is an email from a Swiss family looking for an American host family for their daughter who has celiac. 




We are searching for a host family for our daughter who has celiac disease.


We are a Swiss family of 4. We speak Swiss/German. Currently we have an exchange student living with us for 6 months from Costa Rica.  This exchange has been arranged through the AFS program.


Our daughter, Enya was diagnostic with celiac disease 1 year ago, but the thing is she would like to do an exchange in America for one year with AFS, to improve her English and also to learn about a different culture.   This exchange year would be from August 2017 to June 2018.  Enya will be 15 and a half years old at that time, so she would attend high school. For children with celiac disease it can be very difficult to find a host family so we decided to start looking for a host family ourselves.  This is why we are contacting you for help to find a family for our daughter. 


Thank you very much for your help!



If you are interested or know someone who might be able to help, please email me and I will pass along the message.